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Obligatory Contact Post

Nick: Bren
AIM: DontCallMeGol
Email: DontCallMeGol@gmail.com
Plurk: AceOfSwords

If, for whatever reason, you can not find me on any of those please feel free to comment on this post. I will answer any questions you may have or we can plot if you like.



I feel like Dean is still kind of rough around the edges, so if there are any pointers you'd like to give me I'm all ears! Lemme know if I'm doing it right, or wrong.

Anon enabled and screened at first, IP logging off.



CHARACTER NAME: Dean Winchester


Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: Usually yes. Within reason. Ask first, if only cause the person I'm threading with might mind.
Fourthwalling: Yes, they do it in canon so he's used to being a "character" in a book.
Offensive subjects: Sure, there's not much that bothers me. Feel free to ask me though if you're not sure.


Hugging this character: Sure. He won't like it though unless you're a hot chick or Sam.
Kissing this character: Same as above (Minus Sam). You may even get kissed back if you're a hot chick.
Flirting with this character: Yes. For dudes it will be awkward and he'll be resistant.
Fighting with this character: Absolutely.
Injuring this character: I'm pretty cool with injuring him. As long as it's within reason. I prefer that we plot it out and such, especially if it's going to be something big like beating him within an inch of his life. So please contact me ahead of time. Usually if it's something small I won't mind and if you want something to hit just let me know. I try to be fair as possible.
Killing this character: Yes, but please ask me first and lets plot it out. Cause you will have Sam and Cas on your ass if you kill him.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes. He won't like it, but feel free.

IMPORTANT Warnings under cutCollapse )

Other Notes: If you have supernatural senses you will not be able to feel or track Sam or Deans presence. They have Enochian seals carved onto their ribs courtesy of Cas. These block Angels and Demons from being able to find them/sense them/what have you. I assume it works for most other things.

In the same vein both brothers have a tattoo on the left side of their chest, above the heart that prevents demons from possessing them.

SO. Yes. Comment below if there's anything I should know, stuff I should steer clear of around your characters or what have you. Anything specific?

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!


Coming Soon!


Application for Discedo

OOC Information
Name: Ace/Bren
LJ: nanashi32
Contact: DontCallMeGol@gmail.com
plurk AceOfSwords
aim dontcallmegol
Characters played at Discedo: Formerly, Portgas D. Ace dontcallmegol

IC Information
Name: Dean Winchester
Canon: Supernatural
Timeline: 5.10 Abandon All Hope

Read more...Collapse )


→ Third Shot [Video | Action; Open]

Cut for IntrospectionCollapse )

[ The feed opens up with a confident, roguish smirk plastered on Dean's face. He gives a wave at the camera. ] Hey there Fortuna.

I've decided. Since I keep hearin' about all these countries running around in human form that I'm going to declare myself officially the "State of Awesome"

And it's customary in our lovely state that any beautiful ladies stop by and give me a kiss.  If you're single you may be lucky enough to get one back. [ And the most charming smile he can offer before a wink. ]

[ He shifts the camera so you get a view of the Mistletoe he standing under. Apparently he doesn't know of it's affects yet. ] It's pretty convenient this stuff is all over the place. Guess those scientists really got into the holiday spirit eh?

[ And focusing back on him. ] So consider it a bonus to celebrate my new Statehood and spread holiday cheer! Don't be shy~

[ Yes, he knows he can't just BECOME a state. No, he's not really serious, except about the kisses from ladies part. ]
Alright people, this is Dean Winchester.

You got a monster problem, you let me know, I'll be there as soon as I can.


[Dean can be found skulking around Discedo, looking for monsters or anyone potentially running from their friends who refused to take their medicine. He's armed and dangerous and will not hesitate to fight any nasty thing willing to come at him. He may or may not be alone. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will make it out alive, he hasn't been here long enough to tell what's a typical monster and what's a human turned creature. He's not very inclined to care much either. There's no telling if people will actually turn back without a pill after all, so why take the risk?]

((ooc: Okay, anyone interested just tag here. Feel free to specify if you don't want threadjacking or whatever. If you've got someone that will save your monster ass instead of Dean, Sam, Cas or Sora(?), they are welcome to jump on this just for sake of ease or organization. Please feel free to poke him even if you're not a monster. He needs pills and he's willing to answer calls for help!!))

→ First Shot [ Voice | Action for Spero ]

Action under here, not recordedCollapse )

Sam? Sam can you hear me? Cas? Anyone? Hello?

[ Pausing to wait for a response, treating the thing like a CB radio or something of the like. But the feed shuts off here.]

Moar actionCollapse )

[A second recording a few seconds later... Clearing his throat and speaking with impatience.] Okay. I'm using this. Now what?

[Long pause, waiting to hear something.] Can we please cut the crap already? What the hell do you want?

[Another pause, followed by an annoyed sigh and raising his voice. ] Who are you?

((OOC Edit: Forgot to add this. Please check out my permissions post here.))